WIN Compilation July 2019 Edition | LwDn x WIHEL

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Wow! We’re still in surprise of how well our last compilation was received by you. Amazing! Thanks for over a million(!) views (no „normal“ non-best of-video of us has ever gotten that many) and a sudden rise in subscribers (hello to you newbies!) – we cracked the 70K mark! o/
We really wanted to go one better, but summer recess already seems to have kicked in. No wonder with nearly 40° Celsius here in Germany this week… So this time we „only“ got 43 clips from the last weeks for you combined in a nonetheless very entertaining compilation. This way we could give them at least a bit more running time each. There’s always a plus, right?

Enjoy & share!

All seen ORIGINAL CLIPS from this video in full lenght:

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