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Harry Potter

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Harry Potter ASMR – Das Haus der Weasley’s

The Burrow is definitely one of Harry’s favorite places in the entire world. Under Mrs. Molly Weasley’s care, it is warm, cozy, a bit cluttered but very very welcoming. The Burrow was Harry’s second home during the holidays – they hang out, laugh at Fred & George’s jokes and inventions, […]

Harry Potter Soundtrack Playlist

174 Stücke aus allen Filmen. Natürlich mit Hedwig’s Theme. Bringt eure Kindheit zurück ;-) 37 Minuten Mix für verschiedenste magische Anwendungen :-) 0:00 Prologue2:13 Harry’s Wondrous World7:38 Leaving Hogwarts9:53 Fawkes The Phoenix13:39 Reunion of Friends18:39 A Window to The Past22:33 Potter’s Waltz24:50 Magic Works28:45 Neville’s Waltz30:53 Hogwarts Hymn33:49 The Friends35:48 […]