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The Dos and Don’ts of Skiing- Everything You Should Consider

Heli skiing is the new frontier of the world of skiing as it gives you access to previously unreachable spots for skiing. The thrill of arriving at an unexplored ski destination in a helicopter is simply unmatched. Heli skiing Canada is filled with exciting adventures provided you follow these dos and don’ts.

Do prioritize comfort

Avoid the temptation of spending huge sums of money on fancy gear and clothing that makes you feel uncomfortable. You should rather invest in gear that is practical and the right style for your body. You want to move freely on the slopes without feeling overburdened by your equipment.

Do make your skis last long

Skis are subject to harsh terrain and temperature as well as moisture. You must keep them dry and clean right after you complete a spell as it makes your skis last longer in good condition. You should also apply wax on your skis to keep them well protected.

Do wear synthetic clothing

Especially the base layer of your skiing outfit should be made of synthetic material. This ensures that your body stays warm and moisture does not penetrate to your skin. Also, remember to clean your ski outfit with a suitable washing detergent.

Do buy a good helmet

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Your ski helmet should fit comfortably on your head—it should neither be too loose nor too tight. Ideally, you should buy yourself a new ski helmet after 5 years or as soon as your current helmet becomes damaged.

Do be considerate on the slopes

Everybody wants to have fun on the slopes. Be considerate of fellow skiers even those who might be a little slow and in your way. Give others their fair chance on the slope before you have your fun.

Do remain visible

This is part of etiquette as well as personal safety. Wear bright colored clothing and always stop at a point where others can easily see you. This helps to avoid accidents and prevents you from getting lost.

Do take reasoned risks

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Be aware of your skill level and take on the slopes that you can easily handle. It is of no use to get injured in order to boost your ego. It is better to be safe than sorry. Make sure that you follow the safety instructions of the instructor or safety team on the slope.

Don’t buy online gears

Most of the things you find online may not be a good fit for you. Always buy things that you can try on physically before buying them. It will also help to avoid the frustration of receiving a ski helmet or boots of the wrong size or style from the one you ordered.

Don’t go for DIN ratings

The biggest mistake a skier can make when purchasing bindings is to go for the DIN rating. A better option is to measure your bindings based on your ski housings as this gives better control on the slopes.

Don’t use damaged goggles

Ski goggles might seem like a small investment but they are essential for your safety on the slopes. Do not continue using goggles if the UV coating has started to erode or if the lenses have become damaged or the straps have started to become loose. Any little slip could cause great physical injury.

Don’t enter restricted areas

If you see any area on the slope that has been cordoned off by the ski patrol, there is probably a safety risk over there. Don’t put your life at risk by sneaking into these isolated areas as there might not be anyone nearby in case you get injured and need help.

Don’t mess up the slopes

Part of the fun of skiing is getting to see pristine white and clean slopes. This is not the place to dispose of your unwanted ski equipment, food packaging or containers. Carry a litterbag with you while skiing or look around for a dustbin to dispose of your waste.

Don’t be rude

You’ll often find yourself sharing a ski-lift or slope with fellow skiers. In fact, you might cross paths with them several times during your visit. Be courteous and respectful at all times Smile, say ‘hello’ and be on your best behavior all the time.

Don’t break the queue

Whether you are at the ski cabin or at a lift line, wait for your turn and avoid cutting the line to get before the person in front of you. Remember everyone is on a holiday and deserves to have a pleasant time.

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