Landscapes of Malta | 4K

First of all I would like to say a huge thanks for watching this video! For the best possible experience please watch this at least in 1080p and turn the volume up. If you do have a fast internet connection take an advantage of viewing in 4K resolution.

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„Landscapes of Malta“ in 4K resolution.
This video was shoted during my visit of Malta (16.10.2013 – 10.11.2013). During this trip I walked through all of the three Malta’s Islands (Malta, Gozo, Comino). It was a wonderful, but also very exhausting adventure. I had to walk everyday carrying heavy 35kg rucksack full of photo equipment. I met many friendly people, always willing to help. They often invited me for a coffee, beer or food, drove me from place to place, and some of them even offered me a place to stay during the night. I would like to take this opportunity to say thanks to all helpful people in Malta and Gozo for their hospitality. To be specific thanks to: Carmelo from Xwejni Bay, Miram from ‚Hair Styling by Miram – Gozo‘, Martin from Dragonara Tower security, Dennis V., Pierre G., Joan from Dwejra Gift Shop, Maria and Noel M. from Ireland,, . I dedicate this video to you!

Also Thanks to Secesion studios for creating such an amazing song.
Track: Moment Of Inertia
Composer: Greg Dombrowski
Publisher: Immediate Music

Video was created using DSLR Canon 5D mark II, lenses Canon 16-35 mark II, Canon 50 f/1.8, filters Hoya, Motion Control Dynamic Perception Stage zero + MX2 controller, tripods Velbon Sherpa, flash Cannon speedlight 580 EXII…
To create this video I specifically needed to built my own slider, which had to be suitable to be taken inside the Aeroplane, as well as practical for everyday manual carrying. Motion Control (motor + controller) was used from Dynamic Perception

All of these video shoots are available in 5,6K resolution! For any further interest please contact me at [email protected]

The list of places that you can see whilst watching this video:

0:00 – View from aeroplane during the flight to Malta
0:17 – Xwejni Salt Pans, Żebbuġ, Gozo
0:26 – Blue Grotto, Zurrieq, Malta
0:35 – Cliffs near Mistra Bay, Malta
0:40 – Near by Xlendi Tower, Xlendi, Gozo
0:50 – Near by Wied Il-Mielaħ, north Gozo
0:59 – Fungus Rock, Dwejra Bay and Azure Window, Gozo
1:09 – Xwejni Salt Pans, Żebbuġ, Gozo (The lights in background are from Sicily)
1:18 – Ramla Bay, Gozo
1:23 – Crystal Lagoon, Comino
1:28 – St. Paul’s Island, Malta
1:33 – Ta‘ Cenc Cliffs, Gozo
1:38 – Ghasri Valley, Wied L-Ghasri, Gozo
1:43 – Blue Lagoon, Comino
1:47 – Dwejra Bay and Fungus Rock, Gozo
1:52 – Gardens near De Redin Tower, Mellieha, Malta
1:59 – Madonna tal-Ahrax and Chapel of Immaculate Conception, Mellieha, Malta (The lights in background are from Sicily)
2:09 – Azure Window and Jellyfisches, Dwejra, Gozo
2:18 – Aeropump, Ghasri, Gozo
2:23 – arch near Saint Mary’s Gun Battery, Comino
2:28 – near by Xlendi Tower, Xlendi, Gozo
2:33 – Azure Window, Dwejra, Gozo
2:40 – Xwejni Bay, Gozo
2:50 – Islet in the Comino, between Blue Lagoon and Crystal Lagoon, Comino

Also thanks to everybody who helped me to create this video:
David, Waky , Boris, Ján Miškovič photography, Juraj Vohnout, Dudi, P.J. and my family.

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