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Landscapes of Malta | 4K

First of all I would like to say a huge thanks for watching this video! For the best possible experience please watch this at least in 1080p and turn the volume up. If you do have a fast internet connection take an advantage of viewing in 4K resolution.

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„Landscapes of Malta“ in 4K resolution.
This video was shoted during my visit of Malta (16.10.2013 – 10.11.2013). During this trip I walked through all of the three Malta’s Islands (Malta, Gozo, Comino). It was a wonderful, but also very exhausting adventure. I had to walk everyday carrying heavy 35kg rucksack full of photo equipment. I met many friendly people, always willing to help. They often invited me for a coffee, beer or food, drove me from place to place, and some of them even offered me a place to stay during the night. I would like to take this opportunity to say thanks to all helpful people in Malta and Gozo for their hospitality. To be specific thanks to: Carmelo from Xwejni Bay, Miram from ‚Hair Styling by Miram – Gozo‘, Martin from Dragonara Tower security, Dennis V., Pierre G., Joan from Dwejra Gift Shop, Maria and Noel M. from Ireland,, . I dedicate this video to you!

Also Thanks to Secesion studios for creating such an amazing song.
Track: Moment Of Inertia
Composer: Greg Dombrowski
Publisher: Immediate Music

Video was created using DSLR Canon 5D mark II, lenses Canon 16-35 mark II, Canon 50 f/1.8, filters Hoya, Motion Control Dynamic Perception Stage zero + MX2 controller, tripods Velbon Sherpa, flash Cannon speedlight 580 EXII…
To create this video I specifically needed to built my own slider, which had to be suitable to be taken inside the Aeroplane, as well as practical for everyday manual carrying. Motion Control (motor + controller) was used from Dynamic Perception

All of these video shoots are available in 5,6K resolution! For any further interest please contact me at

The list of places that you can see whilst watching this video:

0:00 – View from aeroplane during the flight to Malta
0:17 – Xwejni Salt Pans, Żebbuġ, Gozo
0:26 – Blue Grotto, Zurrieq, Malta
0:35 – Cliffs near Mistra Bay, Malta
0:40 – Near by Xlendi Tower, Xlendi, Gozo
0:50 – Near by Wied Il-Mielaħ, north Gozo
0:59 – Fungus Rock, Dwejra Bay and Azure Window, Gozo
1:09 – Xwejni Salt Pans, Żebbuġ, Gozo (The lights in background are from Sicily)
1:18 – Ramla Bay, Gozo
1:23 – Crystal Lagoon, Comino
1:28 – St. Paul’s Island, Malta
1:33 – Ta‘ Cenc Cliffs, Gozo
1:38 – Ghasri Valley, Wied L-Ghasri, Gozo
1:43 – Blue Lagoon, Comino
1:47 – Dwejra Bay and Fungus Rock, Gozo
1:52 – Gardens near De Redin Tower, Mellieha, Malta
1:59 – Madonna tal-Ahrax and Chapel of Immaculate Conception, Mellieha, Malta (The lights in background are from Sicily)
2:09 – Azure Window and Jellyfisches, Dwejra, Gozo
2:18 – Aeropump, Ghasri, Gozo
2:23 – arch near Saint Mary’s Gun Battery, Comino
2:28 – near by Xlendi Tower, Xlendi, Gozo
2:33 – Azure Window, Dwejra, Gozo
2:40 – Xwejni Bay, Gozo
2:50 – Islet in the Comino, between Blue Lagoon and Crystal Lagoon, Comino

Also thanks to everybody who helped me to create this video:
David, Waky , Boris, Ján Miškovič photography, Juraj Vohnout, Dudi, P.J. and my family.

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